Two years ago I wrote Goals (2021-23), and looking back at that now at the almost-start of 2023, I am so proud to say I was 95% successful in reaching every goal I had. You can find that retro at Retro: 2021-2023 Goals !

Time for some new ones! Let’s describe the Victoria of 2026…

It’s January of 2026 and I am 24 years old. I have spent the last 3 years experimenting and growing in my career and personal life. This is what I have done:


  1. Grow my knowledge of the AI industry
  2. Grow my presence
  3. Grow my knowledge of Python and development


  1. Find more of myself
  2. Explore, learn, and record experiences
  3. Push the boundaries of what I’m capable of

Overall, I’m looking to further define myself and the person I want to become, as well as collect stories and experiences to reflect on. I don’t want to be stuck or stagnant, I want to be dynamic and malleable.


Goal #1: Grow my knowledge of the AI industry

I was stuck on this for awhile, I think because it was too confined. I want to be able to recognize major people and brands in the AI industry, and what they’re doing to grow. I want to know trends happening, and where growth is. I want to know what still can be improved and expanded, and where I, in particular, am interested in continuing my knowledge-growth in.

Goal #2: Grow my presence


My goal is to grow my network and to build up a presence in the AI development community through several different platforms. I want to grow my confidence in what I know and can share, and also gain the skills needed for conference speaking and video making. I want to document things I learn and be an active member and teacher of the NLP online community.

Goal #3: Grow my knowledge of Python and development

This is a pretty vague goal, and not really for a good reason. I’m not sure I really know what I don’t know, I think it’s more about fine-tuning my development skills. I want to be able to create projects with concise, beautiful code that works, and I want to be able to do this faster than I currently can.

My main focus will probably be Python, but I’d also like to dabble a bit some front-end web development. I’d like to accomplish this through a project and applicational based approach.