Date: May 23, 2022

Inspired by Atomic Habits (James Clear)

Atomic Habits

There have been certain times in my life where change has felt inevitable. I think that in any moment we have potential to make changes, but sometimes it feels like its going to happen whether you want it to or not. In these times, I usually look for some sort of guiding knowledge. I think that’s what happened back in 2021 when I switched my major and wrote Goals (2021-23). I just began reading Atomic Habits and I’m realizing I’m in that phase again, and I have the power to set up my life for success. I love the idea of making identity-based changes, rather than outcome-based goals. So here’s me hashing out some ideas 😊

  1. Decide the person you want to be.
  1. Prove it to yourself with small wins. page 39

Who’s the kind of person who would:

I am:

consistent I work on things I want to improve upon nearly every day.
dedicated I am on-time and prepared to work hard.
perseverant I continue improving past issues and don’t shy away from failure.
passionate I am excited and share this with others.
curious I seek discomfort in order to learn.
peaceful I am centered in myself and enjoy small, present moments